Tangible Comics is an attempt to redefine the comics conventions for a narrative performance in a digital environment . It seeks the ways of taking the digital comics out of the computer screen and merging the comics’ conventions into three-dimensional real space. This installation will utilize the qualities of digital games, interactive narration, digital art, performance, and augmented reality.

The interaction design aims to supply an arc of excitement/revelation by utilizing and redefining the aesthetics of the comics/animation medium. The participants’ simultaneous distorted self-projections (their silhouettes) will be the characters of this dramatic experience. The participants’ masked presence on the screen will trigger a set of decision points as a consequence of the participants’ gestures tied to virtual objects . While the participants are experiencing the narration they will be both the object and the subject of their own gaze. At the end the periodically taken snapshots of the happening will supply a traditional comic strip version of the entire experience. Overall, regardless of the participants’ ability of drawing and designing a comic strip, the experience turns out to be a comics generator by supplying an improvisation space.

In a larger context, the aim in this tangible comics project is to produce a set of possible answers to the following questions: What are the ways of producing new conventions and new vocabulary for a set of art forms, especially for comics, performance, film, photography, and animation? In which ways a set of media remediate and transform each other’s conventions? What kind of meaning can be generated from the process of translation, reuse and redefinition of conventions?

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